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The ME Movement and the Irony of Our Name

Woman offering sunflower to viewer

While Mentor Engine is dedicated to spotlighting the work of exemplary individuals without the need for self-promotion, we recognize the irony that arises every time we abbreviate our name! Is it all about me, or is it all about ME?

What’s the difference between me and ME?

Current social media exists largely to support self-promotion. On our various newsfeeds, profile pages, and accounts, we’re encouraged to share what’s on our minds, to post our photos, and to check in at different locations to let our friends know where we’ve been and what we’re doing. Where government leaders were once relegated to sharing their messages via traditional media coverage, now they too speak their minds through social media. And while social media certainly provides opportunities for us to recognize others, it is still rooted in self-promotion. In the past decade, this increased focus on ourselves has yielded new English words and a new photo tool; the Oxford English Dictionary added selfie as an entry in 2013, and TIME magazine included the selfie stick among its 25 best new inventions of 2014.

Among the Mentor Engine managing team members, we all use social media, and we greatly appreciate the way it keeps us tuned in to those in our lives. However, we also recognize the growing need for the kind of social networking platform that focuses on recognizing others, their leadership, and the positive social impact of their work. A platform focused on others is especially important for quieter leaders whose digital presence is minimal or non-existent. Self-promotion is useful and comfortable for some, but not for everyone.

So while you might be tempted to read Mentor Engine’s initials as the word me, what ME represents is the growing movement of individuals who want to sing the praises of others—those leaders whose work and accomplishments are making a positive difference in the world. The more ME site visitors who introduce new leaders, laud their accomplishments, and consult them for advice, the faster the ME movement grows. Whenever this happens, it’s not about me, but it’s certainly about ME.