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Alan Burdick

Profession/Passion: Journalist/Editor
Business Name: The New Yorker
Location: New York, NY
Throughout his career Alan has gained the trust of even the most sensitive of writers, and he has gained a reputation as an editor who can listen and draw strong, expressive work from contributors of all talents.
—Susan Dominus
Founder-Sponsored Mentor

Alyson Myers

Profession/Passion: Environmental Entrepreneur
Business Name: Kegotank Farm
Location: Bloxom, VA
A creative, technical, and business-minded CEO with extreme passion for solving complex scientific problems.
—Alex Monahan
Founder-Sponsored Mentor

David Moinina Sengeh

Profession/Passion: Innovation/Research Scientist
Business Name: IBM
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Innovative leaders are always changing our view of what is possible, and David does that with unabashed enthusiasm, buoyant spirit, and open arms.
—Paul Bottino
Founder-Sponsored Mentor

Peter Tavernise

Profession/Passion: Philanthropic Leader
He keeps up with tech developments and social trends and looks at it all with both head and heart, sure of the difference between what can be done and what ought to be done.
—Ann Medlock
Founder-Sponsored Mentor

Vimala Rajendran

Profession/Passion: Restaurant Owner and Chef/Advocate and Activist for Grassroots Media, International Peace, and Stopping Domestic Violence
Business Name: Vimala's Curryblossom Café
Location: Chapel Hill, NC
What stands out is her generosity of spirit and pure commitment to serving others through her food and her philosophy of life.
—Lindsay Graham


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