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Stephanie Kromash Baum

She is a quiet leader who cares deeply and equally about each person she serves.
—Lindsay Fass Graham

“She is a quiet leader who cares deeply and equally about each person she serves.” —Lindsay Fass Graham

From Lindsay Fass Graham:

I met Stephanie during our college years, but I wouldn’t begin to recognize her name as familiar until she became our class correspondent. Every quarter, “Stephanie Kromash Baum” popped up on the screen as she requested content for the Sarah Lawrence College Magazine, diligently cultivating it so that we could see what our classmates were venturing into in our respective worlds of work, play, relationships, further schooling, child bearing and rearing, and so forth. Thus I also came to associate Stephanie’s name with storytelling, with accomplishments, and life lived on a timeline. In my mind, Stephanie was the consummate content curator.

Nearly 30 years later, needing someone to write, edit, and produce content for my marketing work, when I learned Stephanie was available, I didn’t hesitate in finding a way to get her on board immediately.

As an Architect (INTJ: Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging), I prefer to engage my team “‘…as equals, respecting and rewarding initiative and adopting an attitude of ‘to the best mind go the responsibilities,’ with more capable hands managing the day-to-day tactics. However, that sort of freedom isn’t merely granted; it’s required. Those accustomed just to being told what to do, or unable to direct themselves or challenge existing notions, will have a hard time meeting Architects’ extremely high standards. Efficiency and results come first for Architects . . . . Only bold competence will do.”

I included the language from 16 Personalities because “only bold competence will do” is the hallmark of my operating style, as are “extremely high standards.” Translation: I am not the easiest person to work for. But this testimonial is not about me, it’s about Stef, and anyone who can thrive in the working environment I provide likely falls in the 99th percentiles for patience, tolerance, self-starting, and capability. Those qualities describe Stephanie to a T.

Stephanie is a champion at exactness and is willing to take all the time in the world (and sometimes, it really takes all the time in the world!) to find the precise words to express what a third party means to say. That is no small challenge. It involves stepping outside herself, then into the mind of the person whose expertise we are commissioned to describe, and from there she must leap into the hearts and minds of the intended audience to make sure the concepts, messages, and talents are not only meticulously expressed, but also received as intended—that is, as teaching and learning tools that will serve the receiver both immediately and far into the future.

Stephanie places integrity first, and she is quick to identify the precise steps needed to roll out a project; quicker still to initiate action and to prompt others to pitch in with their unique abilities and contributions. When Stephanie doesn’t know how to do something, she sets out to learn. Before asking for help, she will make every effort to figure it out. She is a quiet leader who cares deeply and equally about each person she serves. In her personal life, as in her work, she is known as a caretaker. That care is amply evident in every article Mentor Engine produces.