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About Us

How did Mentor Engine evolve?

Our managing team recognizes that mentoring occurs in all walks of life, and at all stages of life. While social media and internet platforms for self-promotion abound, few are dedicated exclusively to promoting others.

This scarcity has meant that until now, many accomplished, exemplary individuals with much to offer had to either promote themselves on websites and social media space, or hire a marketing organization to do so. The success of such marketing efforts varies widely depending on the strategies employed, and the task of making it easy to find those individuals has remained largely unaddressed. By applying best marketing practices to our centralized network of exemplary individuals, Mentor Engine provides a platform for these leaders and their projects. Much of the content is created by those who know them best—YOU!

What is the Mentor Engine philosophy?

Pay it forward.

Meet Our Team

Stephanie Kromash Baum

She is a quiet leader who cares deeply and equally about each person she serves.
—Lindsay Fass Graham

David Lehner, PhD

Profession/Passion: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineer/Musician
Business Name: NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center
Location: Huntsville, Alabama
When it came to experiment design, he listened to my ideas, praised what I did well, and offered constructive feedback about improvements rather than simply telling me what to do or doing it himself with little explanation.
—Jessica Gersh-Range, Postdoctoral research fellow at Princeton University